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Channel Name: Anomalies TV
Description: UFO’s, Conspiracy, and Paranormal Documentaries, Films, and Original Research from the Archives of the Anomalies Network.
Fees: Free
Developer: The Anomalies Network
Code: XM7EG 
archive-orgChannel Name:
Description: Many public domain movies. Featured films, classic tv, animation, short films, music, and spoken word. Sort by newest, highest rated, most downloaded, and by category.
Fees: Free
Code: NMJS5 

couchcuttertvChannel Name: CouchCutter Television
Description: Horror and cult films, interviews and reviews
Fees: Free
Code: couchcuttertv  
iptvmywayChannel Name: IPTVMYWAY
Description: Use Roku and IPTV MY way to break away from the PC and watch Internet TV on your TV.
Fees: Free
Developer: Dynamite Media LLC
Code: iptvmyway 
moviesplashChannel Name: Movie Splash
Description: Movie reviews, trailers, and classics.
Fees: Free
Developer: TVDREAMER
Code: moviesplash  
Channel Name: Playon
Description:PlayOn makes it easy for you to watch your favorite videos, shows, and movies from websites such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more on your TV using your Roku, Wii, Xbox 360, or Playstation 3 over your home internet connection.Using PlayOn is intuitive and easy. Just start the PlayOn media server on your PC then follow a few simple instructions for your Roku, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 or another device to find the PlayOn media server on your device.PlayOn gets your favorite shows off your PC and onto your TV. Your free trial includes all PlayOn channels such as Hulu, ESPN, Comedy Central, MTV, Netflix, and more. You can also get more channels in our plugin channel store for free! It’s all free to try and you can be up and running in under 5 minutes!
Fees: $44.99 Lifetime
Developer: Playon
Code: myplayon  
snagfilmsChannel Name: SnagFilms
Description: From famous music documentaries and fascinating personalities to deep, dark political conspiracies and compelling human drama. SnagFilms is the ultimate destination for FREE full-length films.
Fees: Free
Developer: SNAGFILMS
Code: snagfilms  
internetarchiveChannel Name: The Internet Archive
Description: The Internet Archive is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, we provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public.
Fees: Free
Developer: NETTV LLC
Code: 71B0Y 
Channel Name: Threshold
Description: Vintage and classic sci-fi, horror, and fantasy movies and television series with some of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars. Threshold Television Network is a 24-hour linear IPTV network featuring classic science-fiction, horror, and fantasy television series and movies. Threshold is available worldwide on TV, handheld devices, and the web
Fees: Free
Code: thresholdplus  

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