Hidden Roku Channels in 2014

roku private channels

Roku allows you to stream your favorite channels on your TV. With a wide variety of content available, Roku has become an instant hit with the internet streaming player fans. 

Here is the list of top ten favorite Roku private channels:

Archive Classic Movies 

This private channel on Roku allows access to all the old classics. Here you can also find reviews on all the old and new movies. From Hollywood’s action packed thrillers to Bollywood’s timeless love stories, Archive Classic Movies offers the complete range for everyone. Channel Code for Archive Classic Movies is WSW1P. 




Aljazeera is an Arab news television channel which will bring the subscribers up to date with all the news and happenings from around the world. It covers news from current affairs, politics, sports, weather and everything that you are looking for. Channel Code: EA7NG.


BBC is one of the most watched news channels. It is considered to be one of the most reliable sources of information from around the world. Subscribe to BBC on your Roku streaming player to be the first one to know any happening from the most remote locations of the world. Channel Code: BBCN.

Anomalies TV

For live streaming of documentaries and other programs from Anomalies Network, subscribe to Anomalies TV on your Roku internet streaming player. Channel Code for Anomalies TV is XM7EG.

Earth-Touch HD

Earth-Touch HD is your one stop destination for all kinds of wildlife footage from various sources. If you are one of those nature lovers or if you enjoy documentaries about different species of animals, subscribe to Earth-Touch HD on Roku. Channel Code: o3VG9.

Food Network Nighttime

If you love food and are in continuous search for new and improved recipes, then Food Network Nighttime is a must have Roku private channel on your internet media streamer. This channel also airs details about new eateries that you should try and professional chefs that you can seek advice and ideas from. Channel Code: FNNIGHT

Russia TV

It is a 24/7 Russian news channel which particularly covers Russian Politics along with the current affairs and business news from the rest of the world. For subscribing to Russia TV, the code is VXRTU.  


For latest updates on national and international politics and updates, subscribe to CNN on your Roku streamer. CNN covers news from current affairs, politics, and weather to sports and fashion. For an authentic source of information on world politics, your Roku private channels code is RBFA1.


Watch all your favorite shows on TV.com by streaming it on your Roku player. With TV.com, you will never have to miss out on any episode of your favorite shows. Whether it is Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother or Family Guy, every episode of all the shows are available which you can watch whenever you want. Channel Code: TVCOM

TERRA Nature of Our World

Focusing on nature and natural habitat of species on earth, this channel discovers the environment with its shows and specially made documentaries. If you find these documentaries fascinating, then TERRA Nature of Our World is one of the Roku private channels that you must subscribe to. Channel Code: F3SIG. 

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