Roku vs Apple TV

Roku vs Apple TV


Here is an analysis of the new Roku 3 vs Apple TV to help you decide which gadget you should go for. These two are the biggest names in the entertainment industry; you can invest money on either product according to the priorities on your checklist.

Supported Applications

On account of the services offered, Roku 3 surely has an upper hand against Apple TV. It’s true, Apple TV offers all the big names in streaming but they are not as much as what Roku 3 has to offer. Roku 3 offers around 750 channels including its claim to fame Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Vudu and the rest. YouTube can be accessed using an Android mobile App named Twonky Beam. So in general comparison Roku 3 has a worthier selection of services as compared to Apple TV. The quality and performance of Roku can be affected by the internet connection and signals, but it is generally good.


Both Roku 3 and Apple TV provide similar features in their hardware. Roku 3 has a USB 3.0 port plus a MicroSD slot with which additional storage can be added for new channels and games. Apple lacks both these features.

These gadgets are also a little problematic when connected to standard definition features and offer more utility with HD televisions and other advanced equipment.

User Interface

Roku’s user interface is very well designed, reflexive and very intuitive. The search results do not provide programs and channels that are already stored in the device. It is much faster and easier to use. It takes less time to access the content you are looking for
Same goes for the Apple TV; it is clean and user-friendly though the design of the gadget leaves much to be desired. When comparing user interfaces it is a tie between Roku 3 and Apple TV.

Remote Control

Apple’s remote control is very user friendly due to its simple design and easy-to-use function. But the competition is tough as Roku’s remote control has a jack feature for headsets. Plus, Roku’s remote control also functions as a gamepad. You can play games like Angry Birds with Roku 3 but not with Apple TV.

Additional Features

Mobile Device Integration
Both gadgets have well developed applications for smart phones. With Apple TV you can play the games stored in your phone on your TV screen. It is an awesome feature which makes the Apple TV stand out.


When it comes to price, there isn’t much difference. Roku 3 is available for $99 while Apple TV is also available for $99.

Apple is a big name and most people are very attracted to its products but Apple TV’s content is mostly limited to iTunes. Roku 3 has a lot of content and more freedom to offer than Apple TV. Generally there are no big differences in the gadgets. Both have similar specifications, user interfaces and other features. Additionally both have similar prices so it all comes down to the buyer’s preferences.

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